At least two pharmacists are on-staff at all times, we don't use techs. Our prices are right in line with those big chain stores.

We accept most forms of insurance, including:
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Caremark (state employee insurance)
Express Scripts
Most Medicare Plans

If your insurance isn't listed, we probably still accept it. Please call 452-9535.

Notary Service; Fax Service; Photocopying

We have a notary on-site during business hours. We have a fax machine available, for both receiving and sending. And our copier is available for you to make copies.


You'll find most of your basic bathroom necessities here. We have a wide variety of vitamin brands, including Nature's Blend, Nature's Bounty and Rugby. Ask our pharmacists about saving money with generic allergy, cough and cold medications. We keep lots of Good Sense generic products in stock.

We're proud to offer Pure Bliss Bath Products. Ultra luxurious body butter and bath salts. Made in the Texas Hill Country.

If it's not here, just ask. We're happy to order whatever you need - anything from Burt's Bees natural organic items to baby oil gels, we can usually get it here the next day.

Odd & Unusual

While the pharmacy is high tech, the old-school feel of Crestview's early days are still all around you.

That Big Ben clock? Yes, we have it. Velcro wallets? Yep, that too. While we won't make you wait 20 minutes to get your prescription filled, you may find yourself walking the aisles anyway! Or tune in to Friday Night Lights and look for us. The tv show has taped a couple episodes in our nostalgic store.